#Week3 11th May to 17th May Health News Summarised – 2020

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Coronavirus may become endemic as HIV and ‘never leave,’ warns WHO

The novel coronavirus can “never go anywhere” and may then assume a status close to HIV or AIDS, according to a top WHO official

Chief of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus unbounded in the midst of attacks, critique of Trump

Tedros, 55, knows about the punishing sides of both politics and pandemics: A malaria expert with a PhD in microbiology from Nottingham University in Britain, he served as a Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia before his election in 2017 in one of the most competitive races of the WHO.

Coronavirus vaccine may be ready within one year: EU agency

“We can see the probability if everything goes as expected that any of them (vaccines) might be eligible for clearance in a year from now,” Marco Cavaleri, head of biological health risks and vaccines policy at the EMA, told a video news conference.

UN chief warns of growing psychological suffering from virus

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that those most at risk and in need of help are front-line health care staff, the disabled, children, transgender women, those with pre-existing mental health problems and those in tension and crisis.

Russia is closer to creating Covid-19 drugs

Currently, six leading medical centers in Moscow, Smolensk and Nizhny Novgorod participate in clinical trials including I.M. Sechenov First State University of Pharmacy, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Main Psychiatric College.

France claims no worldwide Sanofi COVID-19 vaccine, no favourite

There are currently more than 90 vaccines being produced worldwide, with eight in the clinical trial process. Yet analysts suggest it may take years to finish the cycle and could not happen. There is still no HIV vaccine that emerged in the early 1980’s, or SARS, a coronavirus that struck Asia in 2002.

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