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The Union government has explained that it isn’t thinking about any proposition for any cut in pay rates of the Central Government Employees because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The administration’s explanation came in light of news reports guaranteeing a proposition on 30 percent compensation cut for focal government representatives was getting looked at. “If it’s not too much trouble overlook the FAKE NEWS being coursed in a segment of media. There is no proposition by the Government to do conclusion in the pay of its representatives,” Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh tweeted.

Government’s reality checker PIB Fact Check stated, “There is no proposition getting looked at of Government for any cut in their compensations. As of now denied by the Minister.”

The Union Ministry of Finance additionally explained, tweeting, “There is no proposition getting looked at of Govt for any cut at all in the current compensation of any class of focal government workers. The reports in some area of media are bogus and have no premise at all.”

The Central government has rubbished a few phony reports during the progressing across the country lockdown due to coronavirus.

Early this month, a phony report had guaranteed that the Central government was reflecting to build work long stretches of representatives to 10 hours from 9 am to 7 pm. PIB Fact Check had rubbished the report, saying the Central government was not thinking about any such proposition.

As of late, the Central Government solidified Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) for Central Government Employees and Pensioners separately. The DA and DR have been solidified till June 2021. In any case, the Central Government Employees will keep on getting DA according to the present rates. Following the Center, a few states have likewise solidified the DA for their workers in the wake of the Coronavirus emergency.

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