Indian Companies Now Wants to get Back to Work

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Indian companies wants India now to return completely to work, economy and employment and to put an end to alarmism about Covid-19 because political leaders need to understand that India has to deal with and work on the spread of infection.

Deepak Parekh, chairman of the HDFC and member of the Maharashtra government’s Kelkar committee, said that the virus won’t vanish before a vaccine is discovered. “Everyday workers need the resources to live and India must get back to work so that social isolation and safety safeguards are maintained immediately,” he said.

Parekh also pointed out that the mortality rate in India is less than that of other countries and that Ind has become the focus of medical experts.

It is calculated by Crisil and Nomura that the loss of economic production will be between Rs 8 lakh crore and Rs 15 lakh crore before lock-up to 17 May. This is estimated that the CMIE has lost 140 million jobs.

Maruti Suzuki, Chairman of RC Bhargava, said starting companies is very critical. “Launch economic development to bring workers back … the virus can be controlled,” he said and prevention and health measures need to be strictly enforced.


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