#Week1 27th April to 3rd May Science News Summarised – 2020

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Greenland and Antarctica gain ice inland but still lose it in general

Accumulation of inland ice isn’t enough to offset the amount of ice loss in the oceans off Antarctica and Greenland, satellite data reveal.

The sun is less active on the magnetic than related stars and we do not know why

A sun-like survey of stars reveals that our own star is less magnetically active than those of its kind, astrophysicists study in Science May 1st. The result could support the theory that the sun is in a “midlife crisis,” transitioning into a more peaceful period of life.

A newly discovered superconductive current only moves around the edge of a material

In a first, scientists see electricity flowing on the surface of a topological superconductor without resistance.

Planets with atmospheres rich in hydrogen may harbor life

Experiments in laboratories show yeast and e. Coli live and replicate in hydrogen gas, indicating new alien-life conditions.

Deep-sea mining could destroy ecosystems underwater for decades

Microbe populations in the seabed off Peru have still not completely recovered from being devastated 26 years ago by a deep-sea mining project.

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