#Week2 4th May to 10th May Science News Summarised – 2020

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Astronomers find black hole nearest to Earth. And you can really ‘feel’ it.

A recently discovered black hole may be Earth’s nearest black hole, and without a telescope you can see its celestial habitat in the night sky.

New picture captures ‘impossible’ moon surface view

For two weeks, photographer Andrew McCarthy photographed the demarcation between the light of the moon and the dark sides to create this incredibly crisp image of the Earth-side craters on our satellite.

Coronavirus circulated in France in December, indicates case study

The coronavirus may have spread across the globe much earlier than expected.

Info Leaked White House ventures COVID-19 deaths would accelerate

An official study on policy forecasts a bleak future, even though the president urges the government to restart.

Scientists find signs of Martian primitive, nitrogen-rich groundwater hidden in Antarctica

Martian meteorites discovered in Antarctica in the 1980s only give up on Mars the remains of ancient space, rich in organic nitrogen.

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