#Week3 11th May to 17th May Science News Summarised – 2020

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Classified X-37B space plane flight postponed by poor weather

The next classified mission of a robotic X-37B space plane to the U.S. Space Force has been delayed at least 24 hours after a launch attempt today (May 16) was thwarted by bad weather.

Viking ‘treasure’ revealed on a long-lost mountain trail of rare artifacts

Melting ice in Norway revealed a long-lost trail, strewn with objects dating back to the Viking Age.

First super-fast pulsar found snacking in a far-flung star cluster on his companion

The first known pulsar in the Messier 92 star cluster has been uncovered by Chinese FAST radio telescope. The pulsating super-fast body is one component of an eclipsing binary.

Eventually, the unexplained disappearance of Moon 900 years ago gets an interpretation

A sequence of ‘forgotten’ volcanic eruptions may explain lunar ‘vanishing’ reports in A.D. 1110. 1110.

Fungus ruins a Viking ship buried there. Here’s how it plans to save Norway.

Norwegian archeologists attempt to rescue a submerged Viking ship from fungi.

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