#Week2 4th May to 10th May Technology News Summarised – 2020

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Uber sees coronavirus drives rebound from lows after losing $2.9 billion

Uber said it had seen promising signs in the pandemic-stricken markets and reported a 14 percent rise in sales for the first quarter.

Motorola Razr comes on sale through Flipkart in India

Motorola Razr comes with a wide 6.2 inch adjustable, 21:9 aspect ratio OLED panel. Can be purchased from Flipkart.

Tinder testing to bring more video content to the app

The famous dating app Tinder seems to rely a lot on integrating video technology into the product to make it more engaging and user friendly.

Airtel payments bank will waive cash withdrawal fees

Airtel Payments Bank has suspended all cash withdrawal charges owing to lockdown as a financial assistance to its account holders via instant money transfer.

Mozark: DoT’s Developer platform contact tracking plans to work with SAARC nations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Mozark, the developer of the Telecommunications Department’s (DoT) Covid-19 contact tracing and tracking platform, has said the product is ready.

Indian IT is focused on government spending, services are handled as slow deals

IT consultancy IDC forecasts that domestic IT spending will decrease to $55.5 billion this fiscal year by 4.5 per cent

Infosys sees an opening as customers turn to big companies to cut costs

Some customers look to consolidation. They’ve had mixed work-from – home feedback from different players in this situation.

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