#Week2 4th May to 10th May US News Summarised – 2020

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Going to be checked daily: Donald Trump Coronavirus contracts after White House Valet

US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence tested negative for the novel coronavirus after a U.S. service employee who serves as a valet in the White House came down with the infection.

Invited by Trump, Hindu priest recites Vedic Prayer at White House

On the occasion of the National Day of Prayer Service, a Hindu priest in the White House Rose Garden recited the Sacred Vedic Shanti Path or peace prayer to pray for the health , safety and well-being of all those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“To help displaced Americans”: Trump demanded that new H-1B visas be suspended

Four top Republican senators have advised US President Donald Trump to cancel all new guest workers’ visas for 60 days and some of its groups, including the H-1B visa, for at least the next year or before unemployment rates return to normal levels in the country.

Trump Denies Scheme And Will Use “Invasion” in Venezuela

President Donald Trump said on Friday that the U.S. was not behind a botched covert operation in Venezuela reportedly involving two Americans, but that it would be an unofficial “invasion” if he directed an offensive.

Because of Coronavirus lockout in April, 20.5 million US workers were wiped out

The coronavirus shutdown in April wiped out 20.5 million US jobs, replacing almost half of the vacancies generated in the previous decade in the world’s largest economy, the Labor Department announced on Friday.

“Virtually Graduating”: Students from Arizona Get their diplomas through robots

The coronavirus dashed the dreams of Juili Kale to receive her master’s degree in a ceremony cheered on by her family-until robots came to rescue.

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