#Week3 11th May to 17th May US News Summarised – 2020

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If the virus rebounds, the US immunologist warns of ‘darkest winter.’

According to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University, more than 84,000 people have died in the USA, representing more than one-fourth of global deaths and the highest toll in the world. More than 4.3 million became sick on the earth, and approximately 298,000 died.

Since Coronavirus struck 36 million of them have pursued US unemployment assistance

In the two months after the coronavirus first caused millions of companies to close their doors and reduce their workforce, some 36 million people have now applied for jobless assistance, the Labor Department said Thursday.

Trump sidesteps renegotiating ties with China

The president said right now he does not want to speak to Chinese President Xi Jinping. “I have a really strong friendship but I’m just — I don’t want to talk to him right now,” he said.

The US senator has an 18-point proposal to keep China responsible for the epidemic of coronavirus

An 18-point program has been outlined by a key US lawmaker, including the deepening of military relations with India.

America tightens rules to crack down on Huawei’s supply of chips

A new rule, unveiled by the Department of Commerce and first reported by Reuters, expands U.S. authority to require licenses to sell semiconductors made abroad with U.S. technology to Huawei, expanding its reach to stop exports to No. 2 smartphone manufacturers worldwide.

Acting with India on developing COVID-19 vaccines: Donald Trump

“I’ve just returned from India recently and we’re working a lot with India and we have a huge Indian population in the US and many of the people you’re talking about are also working on the vaccine,” Trump said.

Donald Trump fires inspector at the State Department probing Mike Pompeo: Congressman

The State Department confirmed Inspector General Steve Linick’s late-night dismissal, which Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Eliot Engel said had launched a sample into Washington’s top diplomat

Democrats are pushing into House new USD 3 trillion coronavirus relief bill

The vote over strong Republican opposition on Friday 208-199 advances what boils down to a campaign-season display of Democratic economic and health-care priorities.

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