#Week1 27th April to 3rd May World News Summarised – 2020

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that in case of Covid 19 ‘s death, doctors had plans.

Johnson, who was 55 years old, first revealed Covid-19 was contracted on March 27, but held only mild symptoms. However, after a week of self-isolation, he could not shake the disease. On April 5, he was admitted to hospital for further testing but he was moved to intensive care within 24 hours.

Coronavirus cases in China fall to one

The National Health Commission (NHC) has said that China, where the deathly coronavirus first appeared in December last, has confirmed only 1 COVID-19 case.

Kim Jong Un from North Korea appears in public following rumors of sickness

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared in 20 days when he celebrated the completion, state media said Saturday, of a fertilizer plant near Pyongyang that ended an absence which caused worldwide tumors that he might be seriously ill.

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